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Thank you for your interest in SHR Perceptual Branding. The SHR branding process, developed over the past 45 years, helps organizations like yours develop a “Transformational Brand.”


A “Transformational Brand” is the promise made and kept by the the entire organization which is experienced by the customer. 


Privately held and Fortune 1000 companies alike have benefited from our unique and comprehensive branding and strategy process. Depending on your needs, it often begins with an extensive education of what perceptual branding is at every touch point within a company. We then can initiate a revealing “discovery” phase that overviews the impact the right brand enhancements can have on your organization, management, staff, and certainly, present and future customers.


SHR’s unique approach to brand transformation is aligned with the organization’s business strategy to create a framework for helping the organization achieve its overall business objectives in both the short and long term.


The Transformational Brand optimally communicates the vision, mission and values of your company; drives the organization internally, and aligns with the values and needs of its customers. In other words, the entire company is in tune with the needs and values of its customers.


The Transformational Brand, as the face of an organization, helps to drive strategies, everyday decision-making, and reinforces internal alignment, while distinguishing the organization from all others externally. It makes the best impression possible on existing and potential customers and the community at large. The Brand, in all of its expressions, represents the customer’s entire emotional connection from pre-experience, the experience, and through the post experience.

The process of building a Transformational Brand is an exciting journey we have taken with clients around the world. We hope to take that journey with your organization as well.





Will Rodgers,

Founder & Brand Architect of SHR Perceptual Branding










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